Improve Heart Health Through A Healthy Diet

The saying “what you are is what you eat,” makes a valid point. Diet plays a major role in attaining and maintaining health, and any imbalance thereof can actually lead to potentially serious effects and disease. Binging on sweets, cakes and desserts can lead to the aptly named sugar rush followed by the crash.

In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, diet modification is a key component of effective treatment to improve heart health.  Although not all doctors agree regarding the extent of the role diet plays in the development and progression of these disorders, its role in obesity is undeniable. And obesity has been conclusively linked to these, and other important diseases.

Obesity has been increased with elevated blood pressure, fatty liver diseases, sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and heart and vascular disease.

On the other hand, diets low in fat have been associated with reduced risk of developing heart attacks and stroke, as well as longer life expectancies.

Simply knowing these facts should be enough to motivate you to try to cut down on average daily calories consumed, not to mention reducing the fraction of fats in your diet.

Better yet, these should encourage you in making nutritionally balanced diets a permanent part

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How To Crush Your Weight Loss Plateau Barrier

Weight Loss PlateauI’ve received a few emails on how to get past a weight loss plateau. I hesitated for a bit on writing about this topic, because I don’t have a problem with weight loss (I’ve always had the problem in reverse).

So, I deferred a couple of  questions to my sister, who has been doing an *amazing* job in her weight loss journey.

Q: How do you know when you’ve hit a weight loss plateau?

A: You’ve been successful at having the pounds glide off when all of a sudden you hit a brick-wall. You know you’ve hit that plateau because you’re doing everything you’re supposed to – following your diet regimen pretty much to a “T” and exercising like you should, but seeing no further

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7 Simple Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Simple tips for healthy weight loss are at your fingertips.

The majority of women have some sort of desire to lose weight, even if it is just a few pounds all over, or in a specific targeted area. Unfortunately the last few pounds are generally the most difficult to lose and maintain.

There are several benefits in maintaining a healthy weight. To begin with you’ll experience increased energy and not having those extra pounds will make you feel lighter. Additionally, your whole body is not as likely to be affected by unhealthy weight-related ailments like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Coronary disease and stroke can also be a concern anytime these kinds of unhealthy weight-related conditions exist.

Here are some simple healthy weight loss tips to

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