Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board: Does It Really Measure Up and Should You Use It?

Wii Fit Plus Balance BoardThe Nintendo Wii popularized a brand new way of attaining and maintaining physical fitness the fun way. As many of you may know, with the intuitive balance board, it makes this product even better.

But is this new game console and accessory worth the price?

Product Summary

When you purchase the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board, you’ll be getting the following: the innovative balance board which measures your weight, and detects your movements as you play, the vastly expanded Wii Fit Plus games, which fall under the Aerobic, Balance, Yoga, Strength or a combination of these categories.

You also get your own assistant personal trainer as the Wii Fit Plus determines your baseline level of fitness, establishes fitness goals, and recommends exercises routines, all the while tracking your daily progress.

The games even adjust to your performance abilities, and higher levels will unlock new routines or increase routine duration and difficulty.

The Plus in Wii Fit Plus

You can upgrade your original Wii fit buy purchasing the necessary software. Novel features of the Wii Fit Plus include the Locker Room, which allows you to customize routines by mixing different features from the yoga and strength categories of exercise, without having to return to the main menu. You can easily retrieve and perform your favorite work-outs, and see the calculated estimated number of calories burned. These all promote exciting, seamless, and most-importantly, effective workout routines.

WiiFit New U Yoga and PilatesThe Wii Fit Plus levels up in terms of available game play, currently offering 60 exercises and activities available. They include Yoga, Strength Training, Balance Games, Training Plus, Aerobics. It also offers My Wii Fit Plus where you can create a customized workout plan.

One of the more popular workouts is the New U Mind Body Yoga & Pilates Workout which provides instruction on more than 115 Yoga and Pilates positions. It also includes a wide range of breathing and relaxation techniques which are important for healthier living. Lastly, the Wii Fit Plus allows you to even weigh your pets!

Consumer Response

The reception to the Wii Fit Plus is general positive, as many customers have noted that this version has resolved many of the original Wii Fit’s drawbacks. A commonly encountered observation noted involves the sustained and even increasing levels of motivation players experience as that continue to play. This may portend the replacement of many original Wii Fit consoles by individuals seeking to benefit from its many added features.  Some comments noted were — “Doing the Wii Fit feel’s like your in a gym” and “ Fun way to get moving if you are the type that doesn’t like traditional forms of exercise or if you don’t like exercising in general”.


Despite the advantages of creating customized workouts, some consumers point out that they’re not seeing any benefits from it.  With that said, benefits are most often seen at the intermediate and advanced levels. Other consumers have stated that it can be so repetitive to the point of boredom. The Wii Fit’s personal trainer has been said to lower self-esteem because of the way it continually announces that you’re “unbalanced” or “this doesn’t seem to be your strong point.” No warm up or cool down sections have been seen as a disadvantage by other users.


JAMA article commentary on the Interactive Games to Promote Behavior Change in Prevention and Treatment by J. Leighton Read, MD; Stephen M. Shortell, PhD, MBA, MPH:

Health games represent an emerging tool that must be considered by community health centers, accountable care organizations, and patient-centered medical homes. The act also requires insurance issuers to spend a minimum percentage of premiums on clinical services or on activities that improve health care quality. Under these “medical loss ratio” rules, health games could qualify as health promotion programs, because Web-based interactions are specifically included in the definitions.

The Wii Fit is already used by many physical therapists as well as in assisted living homes and nursing homes. Definitely food for thought if you’re on the fence about purchasing an interactive health game.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Board

The numerous innovations included in the Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board includes functionality as well as the variety of new games available including inevitable future additions, make choosing between the Wii Fit Plus over the original Wii Fit a done deal. However, for those who already have a balance board, you have the option of weighing the benefits of acquiring a Wii Fit Plus over simply purchasing other Wii Fit fitness games already on the market.

Although you can buy this online at many places, Amazon is your best bet for streamlined and hassle-free shopping. The majority of customers who have purchased through Amazon have been more than happy with their decision. If fact, one consumer mentioned – “I bought Wii Fit at Amazon, I got the best deal on Wii Fit price and paid no tax. How can anybody beat it?”.

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This just might be the perfect fit for many moms who work from home (I know it’s a good fit for mom).

To your fit & sexy success,


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