6 Super Easy Toning and Cellulite Busting Exercises You CAN Do Anywhere, Anytime

Exercise should be essential in our lives. Keeping in shape is one way to enhance your life and a great way to fight cellulite. Weight bearing workouts are necessary in attaining lean muscle, bone strength and density.

We all know what we should do when it comes to exercising. But the majority of us are full of excuses – whether it’s not having the time, not having a place to workout, the I’m too lazy excuse, the I’m already skinny why should I exercise excuse, and tons more.

Weight bearing exercises aren’t exclusively for muscle builders. As you age, especially when you hit forty, muscle mass begins to decline.  Bone loss also becomes an issue. When your body doesn’t get the necessary Calcium and Vitamin D it needs, it will take it away from your bones. We all see the ever present commercials about Osteoporosis and the importance of Calcium. (aww – Sally Field – don’t ya just love her!) Did you know that building muscle not only increases your strength, but your bone mass as well?

Super simple exercises to tone your  body – anytime and anyplace:

1. Pushups – We all know about this timeless yet simple toning exercise that works every part of your arms including your chest muscles. It’s great if you suffer from any type of arm or stomach cellulite.

If you’re not strong enough yet to perform push-ups on your toes, (don’t fret – you soon will be!) or you have elbow pain, no worries – just lower your body to your knees.  Keep your arms tucked into your body with your back as straight as possible, while lowering and lifting your body.

Another great way to reduce impact on your joints is to do the push-ups against your bed!

2. Squats – Squats are real effective in reducing butt, thigh and leg cellulite. Stand with your feet and shoulders about a width apart. Push your butt back like you’re going to sit down in a chair. Keep your tummy tight (concentrate on your core now) while keeping your upper body straight.

Once you get about a chair level, stop and hold that position for a count of 2 – 5, then release. Try to keep all of your weight on your heels for to maintain balance and achieve maximum cellulite burnage.

3. Reverse Lunges –Regular Lunges work the front and back of your thighs. Some people may find this difficult if they suffer from knee problems. However, a Reverse Lunge still effectively targets the same muscles, except with less pressure for your knees. This is a good one to help get rid of knee cellulite. (yes – there’s knee cellulite alright.)

Stand with your feet together and your arms down by your sides. Take one leg and move it behind you – so, your front leg should be bent at like a 90˚angle with your back leg extended until you’re on the ball of your foot.

From this position lower yourself down until your back knee almost touches the ground. Hold this position for a count of 2 – 5 and go back to your starting position.

4. Crunches – Okay, I hate crunches because they’re boring as hell. In fact I refuse to do them, so I try to find other entertaining ways to strengthen my core and prevent cellulite (thank goodness I haven’t been hit with stomach cellulite yet). Since this post is just about super easy exercises you can do anytime, anyplace without anything – I won’t go into detail now about them.

Your tummy muscles should be worked quite often for core strength and muscle tone.   Although we all “think” we know how to do basic crunches (sit-ups), but there is correct form you take while doing them.

Lying on the ground in “sit-up” mode, lace your fingers behind your head or cross your arms on your chest. Tighten your tummy muscles, raise your upper body until your lower back is about to lift from the ground. Hold for 1 – 5 counts and go back to your starting position.

5. The Bridge Butt Lift – This may sound like some sort of new fandangled cosmetic surgery, but it’s really a simple exercise to reduce cellulite and to tone your butt.

Lay down with your feet flat on the ground, and your legs shoulder width apart. Position both hands, palm side down, on either side of your body.

Pushing with your feet, squeeze your butt cheeks together while lifting it off the ground. Maintain this position for a count of 5 – 10 then release your butt down.

6. The Butt Tuck – You can do this sitting in your chair, watching  TV on the couch, even while driving (or I should say while waiting at a stop light).

Squeeze your butt cheeks together, hold for as long as you can, then release. Or you can squeeze and release your butt cheeks rapidly together or alternating the right and left side. Super fun to do to music hahaha.

Many Moms might appreciate this one especially the amount of “chauffeuring” we do with our kids.

These 6 exercise activities CAN be performed whenever and wherever. The cool thing about any type of exercise activity is that its rewards are cumulative.

Hey – if all you have is 5 or 10 minutes, then do as many as you can during that time. It will all work towards the fight against cellulite!


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